Reinforcement Learning with Time-dependent Goals for Robotic Musicians

  • 2020-11-11 11:37:36
  • Thilo Fryen, Manfred Eppe, Phuong D. H. Nguyen, Timo Gerkmann, Stefan Wermter
  • 2


Reinforcement learning is a promising method to accomplish robotic controltasks. The task of playing musical instruments is, however, largely unexploredbecause it involves the challenge of achieving sequential goals - melodies -that have a temporal dimension. In this paper, we address robotic musicianshipby introducing a temporal extension to goal-conditioned reinforcement learning:Time-dependent goals. We demonstrate that these can be used to train a roboticmusician to play the theremin instrument. We train the robotic agent insimulation and transfer the acquired policy to a real-world roboticthereminist. Supplemental video:


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