DynaVSR: Dynamic Adaptive Blind Video Super-Resolution

  • 2020-11-09 15:07:32
  • Suyoung Lee, Myungsub Choi, Kyoung Mu Lee
  • 34


Most conventional supervised super-resolution (SR) algorithms assume thatlow-resolution (LR) data is obtained by downscaling high-resolution (HR) datawith a fixed known kernel, but such an assumption often does not hold in realscenarios. Some recent blind SR algorithms have been proposed to estimatedifferent downscaling kernels for each input LR image. However, they sufferfrom heavy computational overhead, making them infeasible for directapplication to videos. In this work, we present DynaVSR, a novelmeta-learning-based framework for real-world video SR that enables efficientdownscaling model estimation and adaptation to the current input. Specifically,we train a multi-frame downscaling module with various types of synthetic blurkernels, which is seamlessly combined with a video SR network for input-awareadaptation. Experimental results show that DynaVSR consistently improves theperformance of the state-of-the-art video SR models by a large margin, with anorder of magnitude faster inference time compared to the existing blind SRapproaches.


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