DSLib: An open source library for the dominant set clustering method

  • 2020-10-15 17:36:48
  • Sebastiano Vascon, Samuel Rota Bulò, Vittorio Murino, Marcello Pelillo
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DSLib is an open-source implementation of the Dominant Set (DS) clusteringalgorithm written entirely in Matlab. The DS method is a graph-based clusteringtechnique rooted in the evolutionary game theory that starts gaining lots ofinterest in the computer science community. Thanks to its duality with gametheory and its strict relation to the notion of maximal clique, has beenexplored in several directions not only related to clustering problems.Applications in graph matching, segmentation, classification and medicalimaging are common in literature. This package provides an implementation ofthe original DS clustering algorithm since no code has been officially releasedyet, together with a still growing collection of methods and variants relatedto it. Our library is integrable into a Matlab pipeline without dependencies,it is simple to use and easily extendable for upcoming works. The latest sourcecode, the documentation and some examples can be downloaded fromhttps://xwasco.github.io/DominantSetLibrary.


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