Toward Cross-Lingual Definition Generation for Language Learners

  • 2020-10-12 08:45:28
  • Cunliang Kong, Liner Yang, Tianzuo Zhang, Qinan Fan, Zhenghao Liu, Yun Chen, Erhong Yang
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Generating dictionary definitions automatically can prove useful for languagelearners. However, it's still a challenging task of cross-lingual definitiongeneration. In this work, we propose to generate definitions in English forwords in various languages. To achieve this, we present a simple yet effectiveapproach based on publicly available pretrained language models. In thisapproach, models can be directly applied to other languages after trained onthe English dataset. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach onzero-shot definition generation. Experiments and manual analyses on newlyconstructed datasets show that our models have a strong cross-lingual transferability and can generate fluent English definitions for Chinese words. Wefurther measure the lexical complexity of generated and reference definitions.The results show that the generated definitions are much simpler, which is moresuitable for language learners.


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