On the Branching Bias of Syntax Extracted from Pre-trained Language Models

  • 2020-10-06 03:09:14
  • Huayang Li, Lemao Liu, Guoping Huang, Shuming Shi
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Many efforts have been devoted to extracting constituency trees frompre-trained language models, often proceeding in two stages: feature definitionand parsing. However, this kind of methods may suffer from the branching biasissue, which will inflate the performances on languages with the same branch itbiases to. In this work, we propose quantitatively measuring the branching biasby comparing the performance gap on a language and its reversed language, whichis agnostic to both language models and extracting methods. Furthermore, weanalyze the impacts of three factors on the branching bias, namely parsingalgorithms, feature definitions, and language models. Experiments show thatseveral existing works exhibit branching biases, and some implementations ofthese three factors can introduce the branching bias.


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