Reusing a Pretrained Language Model on Languages with Limited Corpora for Unsupervised NMT

  • 2020-10-06 13:54:47
  • Alexandra Chronopoulou, Dario Stojanovski, Alexander Fraser
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Using a language model (LM) pretrained on two languages with largemonolingual data in order to initialize an unsupervised neural machinetranslation (UNMT) system yields state-of-the-art results. When limited data isavailable for one language, however, this method leads to poor translations. Wepresent an effective approach that reuses an LM that is pretrained only on thehigh-resource language. The monolingual LM is fine-tuned on both languages andis then used to initialize a UNMT model. To reuse the pretrained LM, we have tomodify its predefined vocabulary, to account for the new language. We thereforepropose a novel vocabulary extension method. Our approach, RE-LM, outperforms acompetitive cross-lingual pretraining model (XLM) in English-Macedonian (En-Mk)and English-Albanian (En-Sq), yielding more than +8.3 BLEU points for all fourtranslation directions.


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