Report prepared by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI) for Publication Norms for Responsible AI by Partnership on AI

  • 2020-09-15 17:51:40
  • Abhishek Gupta, Camylle Lanteigne, Victoria Heath
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The history of science and technology shows that seemingly innocuousdevelopments in scientific theories and research have enabled real-worldapplications with significant negative consequences for humanity. In order toensure that the science and technology of AI is developed in a humane manner,we must develop research publication norms that are informed by our growingunderstanding of AI's potential threats and use cases. Unfortunately, it'sdifficult to create a set of publication norms for responsible AI because thefield of AI is currently fragmented in terms of how this technology isresearched, developed, funded, etc. To examine this challenge and findsolutions, the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI) collaborated with thePartnership on AI in May 2020 to host two public consultation meetups. Thesemeetups examined potential publication norms for responsible AI, with the goalof creating a clear set of recommendations and ways forward for publishers. In its submission, MAIEI provides six initial recommendations, these include:1) create tools to navigate publication decisions, 2) offer a page numberextension, 3) develop a network of peers, 4) require broad impact statements,5) require the publication of expected results, and 6) revamp the peer-reviewprocess. After considering potential concerns regarding these recommendations,including constraining innovation and creating a "black market" for AIresearch, MAIEI outlines three ways forward for publishers, these include: 1)state clearly and consistently the need for established norms, 2) coordinateand build trust as a community, and 3) change the approach.


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