Facial Expression Phoenix (FePh): An Annotated Sequenced Dataset for Facial and Emotion-Specified Expressions in Sign Language

  • 2020-09-08 18:36:44
  • Marie Alaghband, Niloofar Yousefi, Ivan Garibay
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Facial expressions are important parts of both gesture and sign languagerecognition systems. Despite the recent advances in both fields, annotatedfacial expression datasets in the context of sign language are still scarceresources. In this manuscript, we introduce an annotated sequenced facialexpression dataset in the context of sign language, comprising over $3000$facial images extracted from the daily news and weather forecast of the publictv-station PHOENIX. Unlike the majority of currently existing facial expressiondatasets, FePh provides sequenced semi-blurry facial images with different headposes, orientations, and movements. In addition, in the majority of images,identities are mouthing the words, which makes the data more challenging. Toannotate this dataset we consider primary, secondary, and tertiary dyads ofseven basic emotions of "sad", "surprise", "fear", "angry", "neutral","disgust", and "happy". We also considered the "None" class if the image'sfacial expression could not be described by any of the aforementioned emotions.Although we provide FePh as a facial expression dataset of signers in signlanguage, it has a wider application in gesture recognition and Human ComputerInteraction (HCI) systems.


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