NLP-CIC at SemEval-2020 Task 9: Analysing sentiment in code-switching language using a simple deep-learning classifier

  • 2020-09-07 19:57:09
  • Jason Angel, Segun Taofeek Aroyehun, Antonio Tamayo, Alexander Gelbukh
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Code-switching is a phenomenon in which two or more languages are used in thesame message. Nowadays, it is quite common to find messages with languagesmixed in social media. This phenomenon presents a challenge for sentimentanalysis. In this paper, we use a standard convolutional neural network modelto predict the sentiment of tweets in a blend of Spanish and English languages.Our simple approach achieved a F1-score of 0.71 on test set on the competition.We analyze our best model capabilities and perform error analysis to exposeimportant difficulties for classifying sentiment in a code-switching setting.


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