SketchPatch: Sketch Stylization via Seamless Patch-level Synthesis

  • 2020-09-04 14:20:46
  • Noa Fish, Lilach Perry, Amit Bermano, Daniel Cohen-Or
  • 27


The paradigm of image-to-image translation is leveraged for the benefit ofsketch stylization via transfer of geometric textural details. Lacking thenecessary volumes of data for standard training of translation systems, weadvocate for operation at the patch level, where a handful of stylized sketchesprovide ample mining potential for patches featuring basic geometricprimitives. Operating at the patch level necessitates special consideration offull sketch translation, as individual translation of patches with no regard toneighbors is likely to produce visible seams and artifacts at patch borders.Aligned pairs of styled and plain primitives are combined to form input hybridscontaining styled elements around the border and plain elements within, andgiven as input to a seamless translation (ST) generator, whose output patchesare expected to reconstruct the fully styled patch. An adversarial additionpromotes generalization and robustness to diverse geometries at inference time,forming a simple and effective system for arbitrary sketch stylization, asdemonstrated upon a variety of styles and sketches.


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