Cross Lingual Speech Emotion Recognition: Urdu vs. Western Languages

  • 2020-07-28 01:42:46
  • Siddique Latif, Adnan Qayyum, Muhammad Usman, Junaid Qadir
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Cross-lingual speech emotion recognition is an important task for practicalapplications. The performance of automatic speech emotion recognition systemsdegrades in cross-corpus scenarios, particularly in scenarios involvingmultiple languages or a previously unseen language such as Urdu for whichlimited or no data is available. In this study, we investigate the problem ofcross-lingual emotion recognition for Urdu language and contribute URDU---thefirst ever spontaneous Urdu-language speech emotion database. Evaluations areperformed using three different Western languages against Urdu and experimentalresults on different possible scenarios suggest various interesting aspects fordesigning more adaptive emotion recognition system for such limited languages.In results, selecting training instances of multiple languages can delivercomparable results to baseline and augmentation a fraction of testing languagedata while training can help to boost accuracy for speech emotion recognition.URDU data is publicly available for further research.


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