MOReL : Model-Based Offline Reinforcement Learning

  • 2020-07-20 19:00:20
  • Rahul Kidambi, Aravind Rajeswaran, Praneeth Netrapalli, Thorsten Joachims
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In offline reinforcement learning (RL), the goal is to learn a highlyrewarding policy based solely on a dataset of historical interactions with theenvironment. The ability to train RL policies offline can greatly expand theapplicability of RL, its data efficiency, and its experimental velocity. Priorwork in offline RL has been confined almost exclusively to model-free RLapproaches. In this work, we present MOReL, an algorithmic framework formodel-based offline RL. This framework consists of two steps: (a) learning apessimistic MDP (P-MDP) using the offline dataset; and (b) learning anear-optimal policy in this P-MDP. The learned P-MDP has the property that forany policy, the performance in the real environment is approximatelylower-bounded by the performance in the P-MDP. This enables it to serve as agood surrogate for purposes of policy evaluation and learning, and overcomecommon pitfalls of model-based RL like model exploitation. Theoretically, weshow that MOReL is minimax optimal (up to log factors) for offline RL. Throughexperiments, we show that MOReL matches or exceeds state-of-the-art results inwidely studied offline RL benchmarks. Moreover, the modular design of MOReLenables future advances in its components (e.g. generative modeling,uncertainty estimation, planning etc.) to directly translate into advances foroffline RL.


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