Is Japanese gendered language used on Twitter ? A large scale study

  • 2020-06-29 11:07:10
  • Tiziana Carpi, Stefano Maria Iacus
  • 8


This study analyzes the usage of Japanese gendered language on Twitter.Starting from a collection of 408 million Japanese tweets from 2015 till 2019and an additional sample of 2355 manually classified Twitter accounts timelinesinto gender and categories (politicians, musicians, etc). A large scale textualanalysis is performed on this corpus to identify and examine sentence-finalparticles (SFPs) and first-person pronouns appearing in the texts. It turns outthat gendered language is in fact used also on Twitter, in about 6% of thetweets, and that the prescriptive classification into "male" and "female"language does not always meet the expectations, with remarkable exceptions.Further, SFPs and pronouns show increasing or decreasing trends, indicating anevolution of the language used on Twitter.


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