Self-Supervised Learning for Domain Adaptation on Point-Clouds

  • 2020-06-29 16:40:13
  • Idan Achituve, Haggai Maron, Gal Chechik
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Self-supervised learning (SSL) allows to learn useful representations fromunlabeled data and has been applied effectively for domain adaptation (DA) onimages. It is still unknown if and how it can be leveraged for domainadaptation for 3D perception. Here we describe the first study of SSL for DA onpoint clouds. We introduce a new family of pretext tasks, \textit{DeformationReconstruction}, motivated by the deformations encountered in sim-to-realtransformations. The key idea is to deform regions of the input shape and use aneural network to reconstruct them. We design three types of shape deformationmethods: (1) \textit{Volume-based:} shape deformation based on proximity in theinput space; (2) \textit{Feature-based:} deforming regions in the shape thatare semantically similar; and (3) \textit{Sampling-based:} shape deformationbased on three simple sampling schemes. As a separate contribution, we alsodevelop a new method based on the Mixup training procedure for point-clouds.Evaluations on six domain adaptations across synthetic and real furniture data,demonstrate large improvement over previous work.


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