Artist-Guided Semiautomatic Animation Colorization

  • 2020-06-22 22:30:39
  • Harrish Thasarathan, Mehran Ebrahimi
  • 55


There is a delicate balance between automating repetitive work in creativedomains while staying true to an artist's vision. The animation industryregularly outsources large animation workloads to foreign countries where laboris inexpensive and long hours are common. Automating part of this process canbe incredibly useful for reducing costs and creating manageable workloads formajor animation studios and outsourced artists. We present a method forautomating line art colorization by keeping artists in the loop to successfullyreduce this workload while staying true to an artist's vision. By incorporatingcolor hints and temporal information to an adversarial image-to-imageframework, we show that it is possible to meet the balance between automationand authenticity through artist's input to generate colored frames withtemporal consistency.


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