MultiMix: A Robust Data Augmentation Framework for Cross-Lingual NLP

  • 2020-06-18 19:40:50
  • M Saiful Bari, Tasnim Mohiuddin, Shafiq Joty
  • 0


Transfer learning has yielded state-of-the-art (SoTA) results in manysupervised natural language processing tasks. However, annotated data for everytarget task in every target language is rare, especially for low-resourcelanguages. We propose MultiMix, a novel data augmentation framework forself-supervised learning in zero-resource transfer learning scenarios. Inparticular, MultiMix targets to solve cross-lingual adaptation problems from asource language distribution to an unknown target language distribution,assuming no training labels are available for the target language task. At itscore, MultiMix performs simultaneous self-training with data augmentation andunsupervised sample selection. To show its effectiveness, we conduct extensiveexperiments on zero-resource cross-lingual transfer tasks for Named EntityRecognition and Natural Language Inference. MultiMix achieves SoTA results inboth tasks, outperforming the baselines by a good margin. With an in-depthmodel dissection, we demonstrate the cumulative contributions of differentcomponents to MultiMix's success.


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