Multi-Density Sketch-to-Image Translation Network

  • 2020-06-18 16:21:04
  • Jialu Huang, Jing Liao, Zhifeng Tan, Sam Kwong
  • 41


Sketch-to-image (S2I) translation plays an important role in image synthesisand manipulation tasks, such as photo editing and colorization. Some specificS2I translation including sketch-to-photo and sketch-to-painting can be used aspowerful tools in the art design industry. However, previous methods onlysupport S2I translation with a single level of density, which gives lessflexibility to users for controlling the input sketches. In this work, wepropose the first multi-level density sketch-to-image translation framework,which allows the input sketch to cover a wide range from rough object outlinesto micro structures. Moreover, to tackle the problem of noncontinuousrepresentation of multi-level density input sketches, we project the densitylevel into a continuous latent space, which can then be linearly controlled bya parameter. This allows users to conveniently control the densities of inputsketches and generation of images. Moreover, our method has been successfullyverified on various datasets for different applications including face editing,multi-modal sketch-to-photo translation, and anime colorization, providingcoarse-to-fine levels of controls to these applications.


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