Fisher information under local differential privacy

  • 2020-05-21 17:05:09
  • Leighton Pate Barnes, Wei-Ning Chen, Ayfer Ozgur
  • 0


We develop data processing inequalities that describe how Fisher informationfrom statistical samples can scale with the privacy parameter $\varepsilon$under local differential privacy constraints. These bounds are valid undergeneral conditions on the distribution of the score of the statistical model,and they elucidate under which conditions the dependence on $\varepsilon$ islinear, quadratic, or exponential. We show how these inequalities imply orderoptimal lower bounds for private estimation for both the Gaussian locationmodel and discrete distribution estimation for all levels of privacy$\varepsilon>0$. We further apply these inequalities to sparse Bernoulli modelsand demonstrate privacy mechanisms and estimators with order-matching squared$\ell^2$ error.


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