Human-like general language processing

  • 2020-05-19 02:44:55
  • Feng Qi, Guanjun Jiang
  • 1


Using language makes human beings surpass animals in wisdom. To let machinesunderstand, learn, and use language flexibly, we propose a human-like generallanguage processing (HGLP) architecture, which contains sensorimotor,association, and cognitive systems. The HGLP network learns from easy to hardlike a child, understands word meaning by coactivating multimodal neurons,comprehends and generates sentences by real-time constructing a virtual worldmodel, and can express the whole thinking process verbally. HGLP rapidlylearned 10+ different tasks including object recognition, sentencecomprehension, imagination, attention control, query, inference, motionjudgement, mixed arithmetic operation, digit tracing and writing, andhuman-like iterative thinking process guided by language. Language in the HGLPframework is not matching nor correlation statistics, but a script that candescribe and control the imagination.


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