Disentangling in Latent Space by Harnessing a Pretrained Generator

  • 2020-05-15 18:24:49
  • Yotam Nitzan, Amit Bermano, Yangyan Li, Daniel Cohen-Or
  • 26


Learning disentangled representations of data is a fundamental problem inartificial intelligence. Specifically, disentangled latent representationsallow generative models to control and compose the disentangled factors in thesynthesis process. Current methods, however, require extensive supervision andtraining, or instead, noticeably compromise quality. In this paper, we presenta method that learn show to represent data in a disentangled way, with minimalsupervision, manifested solely using available pre-trained networks. Our keyinsight is to decouple the processes of disentanglement and synthesis, byemploying a leading pre-trained unconditional image generator, such asStyleGAN. By learning to map into its latent space, we leverage both itsstate-of-the-art quality generative power, and its rich and expressive latentspace, without the burden of training it.We demonstrate our approach on thecomplex and high dimensional domain of human heads. We evaluate our methodqualitatively and quantitatively, and exhibit its success withde-identification operations and with temporal identity coherency in imagesequences. Through this extensive experimentation, we show that our methodsuccessfully disentangles identity from other facial attributes, surpassingexisting methods, even though they require more training and supervision.


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