Generalized State-Dependent Exploration for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Robotics

  • 2020-05-12 12:28:25
  • Antonin Raffin, Freek Stulp
  • 4


Reinforcement learning (RL) enables robots to learn skills from interactionswith the real world. In practice, the unstructured step-based exploration usedin Deep RL -- often very successful in simulation -- leads to jerky motionpatterns on real robots. Consequences of the resulting shaky behavior are poorexploration, or even damage to the robot. We address these issues by adaptingstate-dependent exploration (SDE) to current Deep RL algorithms. To enable thisadaptation, we propose three extensions to the original SDE, which leads to anew exploration method generalized state-dependent exploration (gSDE). Weevaluate gSDE both in simulation, on PyBullet continuous control tasks, anddirectly on a tendon-driven elastic robot. gSDE yields competitive results insimulation but outperforms the unstructured exploration on the real robot. Thecode is available at


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