TEAM: An Taylor Expansion-Based Method for Generating Adversarial Examples

  • 2020-03-25 15:08:20
  • Ya-guan Qian, Xi-Ming Zhang, Wassim Swaileh, Li Wei, Bin Wang, Jian-Hai Chen, Wu-Jie Zhou, Jing-Sheng Lei
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Although Deep Neural Networks(DNNs) have achieved successful applications inmany fields, they are vulnerable to adversarial examples.Adversarial trainingis one of the most effective methods to improve the robustness of DNNs, and itis generally considered as solving a saddle point problem that minimizes riskand maximizes perturbation.Therefore, powerful adversarial examples caneffectively replicate the situation of perturbation maximization to solve thesaddle point problem.The method proposed in this paper approximates the outputof DNNs in the input neighborhood by using the Taylor expansion, and thenoptimizes it by using the Lagrange multiplier method to generate adversarialexamples. If it is used for adversarial training, the DNNs can be effectivelyregularized and the defects of the model can be improved.


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