Visual-Inertial Telepresence for Aerial Manipulation

  • 2020-03-25 17:26:03
  • Jongseok Lee, Ribin Balachandran, Yuri S. Sarkisov, Marco De Stefano, Andre Coelho, Kashmira Shinde, Min Jun Kim, Rudolph Triebel, Konstantin Kondak
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This paper presents a novel telepresence system for enhancing aerialmanipulation capabilities. It involves not only a haptic device, but also avirtual reality that provides a 3D visual feedback to a remotely-locatedteleoperator in real-time. We achieve this by utilizing onboard visual andinertial sensors, an object tracking algorithm and a pre-generated objectdatabase. As the virtual reality has to closely match the real remote scene, wepropose an extension of a marker tracking algorithm with visual-inertialodometry. Both indoor and outdoor experiments show benefits of our proposedsystem in achieving advanced aerial manipulation tasks, namely grasping,placing, force exertion and peg-in-hole insertion.


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