Cluster-Based Social Reinforcement Learning

  • 2020-03-23 18:46:08
  • Mahak Goindani, Jennifer Neville
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Social Reinforcement Learning methods, which model agents in large networks,are useful for fake news mitigation, personalized teaching/healthcare, andviral marketing, but it is challenging to incorporate inter-agent dependenciesinto the models effectively due to network size and sparse interaction data.Previous social RL approaches either ignore agents dependencies or model themin a computationally intensive manner. In this work, we incorporate agentdependencies efficiently in a compact model by clustering users (based on theirpayoff and contribution to the goal) and combine this with a method to easilyderive personalized agent-level policies from cluster-level policies. We alsopropose a dynamic clustering approach that captures changing user behavior.Experiments on real-world datasets illustrate that our proposed approach learnsmore accurate policy estimates and converges more quickly, compared to severalbaselines that do not use agent correlations or only use static clusters.


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