Markov Chain Monte-Carlo Phylogenetic Inference Construction in Computational Historical Linguistics

  • 2020-03-14 02:03:54
  • Tianyi Ni
  • 0


More and more languages in the world are under study nowadays, as a result,the traditional way of historical linguistics study is facing some challenges.For example, the linguistic comparative research among languages needs manualannotation, which becomes more and more impossible with the increasing amountof language data coming out all around the world. Although it could hardlyreplace linguists work, the automatic computational methods have been takeninto consideration and it can help people reduce their workload. One of themost important work in historical linguistics is word comparison from differentlanguages and find the cognate words for them, which means people try to figureout if the two languages are related to each other or not. In this paper, I amgoing to use computational method to cluster the languages and use Markov ChainMonte Carlo (MCMC) method to build the language typology relationship treebased on the clusters.


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