Knowledge Graphs on the Web -- an Overview

  • 2020-03-05 07:36:55
  • Nicolas Heist, Sven Hertling, Daniel Ringler, Heiko Paulheim
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Knowledge Graphs are an emerging form of knowledge representation. WhileGoogle coined the term Knowledge Graph first and promoted it as a means toimprove their search results, they are used in many applications today. In aknowledge graph, entities in the real world and/or a business domain (e.g.,people, places, or events) are represented as nodes, which are connected byedges representing the relations between those entities. While companies suchas Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have their own, non-public knowledge graphs,there is also a larger body of publicly available knowledge graphs, such asDBpedia or Wikidata. In this chapter, we provide an overview and comparison ofthose publicly available knowledge graphs, and give insights into theircontents, size, coverage, and overlap.


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