StickyPillars: Robust feature matching on point clouds using Graph Neural Networks

  • 2020-02-10 17:53:41
  • Martin Simon, Kai Fischer, Stefan Milz, Christian Tobias Witt, Horst-Michael Gross
  • 38


StickyPillars introduces a sparse feature matching method on point clouds. Itis the first approach applying Graph Neural Networks on point clouds to stickpoints of interest. The feature estimation and assignment relies on the optimaltransport problem, where the cost is based on the neural network itself. Weutilize a Graph Neural Network for context aggregation with the aid ofmultihead self and cross attention. In contrast to image based feature matchingmethods, the architecture learns feature extraction in an end-to-end manner.Hence, the approach does not rely on handcrafted features. Our methodoutperforms state-of-the art matching algorithms, while providing real-timecapability.


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