Accelerating Reinforcement Learning for Reaching using Continuous Curriculum Learning

  • 2020-02-07 10:08:18
  • Sha Luo, Hamidreza Kasaei, Lambert Schomaker
  • 1


Reinforcement learning has shown great promise in the training of robotbehavior due to the sequential decision making characteristics. However, therequired enormous amount of interactive and informative training data providesthe major stumbling block for progress. In this study, we focus on acceleratingreinforcement learning (RL) training and improving the performance ofmulti-goal reaching tasks. Specifically, we propose a precision-basedcontinuous curriculum learning (PCCL) method in which the requirements aregradually adjusted during the training process, instead of fixing the parameterin a static schedule. To this end, we explore various continuous curriculumstrategies for controlling a training process. This approach is tested using aUniversal Robot 5e in both simulation and real-world multi-goal reachexperiments. Experimental results support the hypothesis that a static trainingschedule is suboptimal, and using an appropriate decay function for curriculumlearning provides superior results in a faster way.


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