Unsupervised pretraining transfers well across languages

  • 2020-02-07 15:34:53
  • Morgane Rivière, Armand Joulin, Pierre-Emmanuel Mazaré, Emmanuel Dupoux
  • 4


Cross-lingual and multi-lingual training of Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) has been extensively investigated in the supervised setting. This assumesthe existence of a parallel corpus of speech and orthographic transcriptions.Recently, contrastive predictive coding (CPC) algorithms have been proposed topretrain ASR systems with unlabelled data. In this work, we investigate whetherunsupervised pretraining transfers well across languages. We show that a slightmodification of the CPC pretraining extracts features that transfer well toother languages, being on par or even outperforming supervised pretraining.This shows the potential of unsupervised methods for languages with fewlinguistic resources.


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