Multilingual acoustic word embedding models for processing zero-resource languages

  • 2020-02-06 05:53:41
  • Herman Kamper, Yevgen Matusevych, Sharon Goldwater
  • 17


Acoustic word embeddings are fixed-dimensional representations ofvariable-length speech segments. In settings where unlabelled speech is theonly available resource, such embeddings can be used in "zero-resource" speechsearch, indexing and discovery systems. Here we propose to train a singlesupervised embedding model on labelled data from multiple well-resourcedlanguages and then apply it to unseen zero-resource languages. For thistransfer learning approach, we consider two multilingual recurrent neuralnetwork models: a discriminative classifier trained on the joint vocabulariesof all training languages, and a correspondence autoencoder trained toreconstruct word pairs. We test these using a word discrimination task on sixtarget zero-resource languages. When trained on seven well-resourced languages,both models perform similarly and outperform unsupervised models trained on thezero-resource languages. With just a single training language, the second modelworks better, but performance depends more on the particular training--testinglanguage pair.


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