Unbalanced GANs: Pre-training the Generator of Generative Adversarial Network using Variational Autoencoder

  • 2020-02-06 06:03:04
  • Hyungrok Ham, Tae Joon Jun, Daeyoung Kim
  • 19


We propose Unbalanced GANs, which pre-trains the generator of the generativeadversarial network (GAN) using variational autoencoder (VAE). We guarantee thestable training of the generator by preventing the faster convergence of thediscriminator at early epochs. Furthermore, we balance between the generatorand the discriminator at early epochs and thus maintain the stabilized trainingof GANs. We apply Unbalanced GANs to well known public datasets and find thatUnbalanced GANs reduce mode collapses. We also show that Unbalanced GANsoutperform ordinary GANs in terms of stabilized learning, faster convergenceand better image quality at early epochs.


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