Accelerating Object Detection by Erasing Background Activations

  • 2020-02-05 02:25:08
  • Byungseok Roh, Han-Cheol Cho, Myung-Ho Ju, Soon Hyung Pyo
  • 29


Recent advances in deep learning have enabled complex real-world use casescomprised of multiple vision tasks and detection tasks are being shifted to theedge side as a pre-processing step of the entire workload. However, sincerunning a deep model on resource-constraint devices is challenging, the designof an efficient network is demanded. In this paper, we present anobjectness-aware object detection method to accelerate detection speed bycircumventing feature map computation on background regions where targetobjects don't exist. To accomplish this goal, we incorporate a light-weightobjectness mask generation (OMG) network in front of an object detection (OD)network so that it can zero out background areas of an input image before beingfed into the OD network. The inference speed, therefore, can be expedited withsparse convolution. By switching background areas to zeros for entireactivations, the average number of zero values on MobileNetV2-SSDLite with ReLUactivation is increased further, from 36% to 68% during inference step, whichreduces 37.89\% MAC with negligible accuracy drop on MS-COCO. Moreover,experimental results also show similar trends in heavy networks such as VGG andRetinaNet with ResNet101, and an additional dataset, PASCAL VOC. The code willbe released.


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