Massively Multilingual Document Alignment with Cross-lingual Sentence-Mover's Distance

  • 2020-01-31 05:14:16
  • Ahmed El-Kishky, Francisco Guzm├ín
  • 0


Cross-lingual document alignment aims to identify pairs of documents in twodistinct languages that are of comparable content or translations of eachother. Such aligned data can be used for a variety of NLP tasks from trainingcross-lingual representations to mining parallel bitexts for machinetranslation training. In this paper we develop an unsupervised scoring functionthat leverages cross-lingual sentence embeddings to compute the semanticdistance between documents in different languages. These semantic distances arethen used to guide a document alignment algorithm to properly paircross-lingual web documents across a variety of low, mid, and high-resourcelanguage pairs. Recognizing that our proposed scoring function and other stateof the art methods are computationally intractable for long web documents, weutilize a more tractable greedy algorithm that performs comparably. Weexperimentally demonstrate that our distance metric performs better alignmentthan current baselines outperforming them by 7% on high-resource languagepairs, 15% on mid-resource language pairs, and 22% on low-resource languagepairs


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