Torch-Struct: Deep Structured Prediction Library

  • 2020-02-03 16:43:02
  • Alexander M. Rush
  • 88


The literature on structured prediction for NLP describes a rich collectionof distributions and algorithms over sequences, segmentations, alignments, andtrees; however, these algorithms are difficult to utilize in deep learningframeworks. We introduce Torch-Struct, a library for structured predictiondesigned to take advantage of and integrate with vectorized,auto-differentiation based frameworks. Torch-Struct includes a broad collectionof probabilistic structures accessed through a simple and flexibledistribution-based API that connects to any deep learning model. The libraryutilizes batched, vectorized operations and exploits auto-differentiation toproduce readable, fast, and testable code. Internally, we also include a numberof general-purpose optimizations to provide cross-algorithm efficiency.Experiments show significant performance gains over fast baselines andcase-studies demonstrate the benefits of the library. Torch-Struct is availableat


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