CLUENER2020: Fine-grained Name Entity Recognition for Chinese

  • 2020-01-13 15:39:56
  • Liang Xu, Qianqian Dong, Cong Yu, Yin Tian, Weitang Liu, Lu Li, Xuanwei Zhang
  • 14


In this paper, we introduce the NER dataset from CLUE organization(CLUENER2020), a well-defined fine-grained dataset for name entity recognitionin Chinese. CLUENER2020 contains 10 categories. Apart from common labels likeperson, organization and location, it contains more diverse categories. It ismore challenging than current other Chinese NER datasets and could betterreflect real-world applications. For comparison, we implement severalstate-of-the-art baselines as sequence labelling tasks and report humanperformance, as well as its analysis. To facilitate future work on fine-grainedNER for Chinese, we release our dataset, baselines and leader-board.


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