Generative Pseudo-label Refinement for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

  • 2020-01-09 12:46:55
  • Pietro Morerio, Riccardo Volpi, Ruggero Ragonesi, Vittorio Murino
  • 17


We investigate and characterize the inherent resilience of conditionalGenerative Adversarial Networks (cGANs) against noise in their conditioninglabels, and exploit this fact in the context of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation(UDA). In UDA, a classifier trained on the labelled source set can be used toinfer pseudo-labels on the unlabelled target set. However, this will result ina significant amount of misclassified examples (due to the well-known domainshift issue), which can be interpreted as noise injection in the ground-truthlabels for the target set. We show that cGANs are, to some extent, robustagainst such "shift noise". Indeed, cGANs trained with noisy pseudo-labels, areable to filter such noise and generate cleaner target samples. We exploit thisfinding in an iterative procedure where a generative model and a classifier arejointly trained: in turn, the generator allows to sample cleaner data from thetarget distribution, and the classifier allows to associate better labels totarget samples, progressively refining target pseudo-labels. Results on commonbenchmarks show that our method performs better or comparably with theunsupervised domain adaptation state of the art.


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