Adapting Deep Learning for Sentiment Classification of Code-Switched Informal Short Text

  • 2020-01-04 06:31:15
  • Muhammad Haroon Shakeel, Asim Karim
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Nowadays, an abundance of short text is being generated that uses nonstandardwriting styles influenced by regional languages. Such informal andcode-switched content are under-resourced in terms of labeled datasets andlanguage models even for popular tasks like sentiment classification. In thiswork, we (1) present a labeled dataset called MultiSenti for sentimentclassification of code-switched informal short text, (2) explore thefeasibility of adapting resources from a resource-rich language for an informalone, and (3) propose a deep learning-based model for sentiment classificationof code-switched informal short text. We aim to achieve this without anylexical normalization, language translation, or code-switching indication. Theperformance of the proposed models is compared with three existing multilingualsentiment classification models. The results show that the proposed modelperforms better in general and adapting character-based embeddings yieldequivalent performance while being computationally more efficient than trainingword-based domain-specific embeddings.


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