Res3ATN -- Deep 3D Residual Attention Network for Hand Gesture Recognition in Videos

  • 2020-01-04 14:36:36
  • Naina Dhingra, Andreas Kunz
  • 13


Hand gesture recognition is a strenuous task to solve in videos. In thispaper, we use a 3D residual attention network which is trained end to end forhand gesture recognition. Based on the stacked multiple attention blocks, webuild a 3D network which generates different features at each attention block.Our 3D attention based residual network (Res3ATN) can be built and extended tovery deep layers. Using this network, an extensive analysis is performed onother 3D networks based on three publicly available datasets. The Res3ATNnetwork performance is compared to C3D, ResNet-10, and ResNext-101 networks. Wealso study and evaluate our baseline network with different number of attentionblocks. The comparison shows that the 3D residual attention network with 3attention blocks is robust in attention learning and is able to classify thegestures with better accuracy, thus outperforming existing networks.


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