High-speed Autonomous Drifting with Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2020-01-06 03:05:52
  • Peide Cai, Xiaodong Mei, Lei Tai, Yuxiang Sun, Ming Liu
  • 6


Drifting is a complicated task for autonomous vehicle control. Mosttraditional methods in this area are based on motion equations derived by theunderstanding of vehicle dynamics, which is difficult to be modeled precisely.We propose a robust drift controller without explicit motion equations, whichis based on the latest model-free deep reinforcement learning algorithm softactor-critic. The drift control problem is formulated as a trajectory followingtask, where the errorbased state and reward are designed. After being trainedon tracks with different levels of difficulty, our controller is capable ofmaking the vehicle drift through various sharp corners quickly and stably inthe unseen map. The proposed controller is further shown to have excellentgeneralization ability, which can directly handle unseen vehicle types withdifferent physical properties, such as mass, tire friction, etc.


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