Optimal Options for Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning Under Time Constraints

  • 2020-01-06 15:08:46
  • Manuel Del Verme, Bruno Castro da Silva, Gianluca Baldassarre
  • 2


Reinforcement learning can greatly benefit from the use of options as a wayof encoding recurring behaviours and to foster exploration. An important openproblem is how can an agent autonomously learn useful options when solvingparticular distributions of related tasks. We investigate some of theconditions that influence optimality of options, in settings where agents havea limited time budget for learning each task and the task distribution mightinvolve problems with different levels of similarity. We directly search foroptimal option sets and show that the discovered options significantly differdepending on factors such as the available learning time budget and that thefound options outperform popular option-generation heuristics.


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