Handwritten Optical Character Recognition (OCR): A Comprehensive Systematic Literature Review (SLR)

  • 2020-01-01 04:55:04
  • Jamshed Memon, Maira Sami, Rizwan Ahmed Khan
  • 24


Given the ubiquity of handwritten documents in human transactions, OpticalCharacter Recognition (OCR) of documents have invaluable practical worth.Optical character recognition is a science that enables to translate varioustypes of documents or images into analyzable, editable and searchable data.During last decade, researchers have used artificial intelligence / machinelearning tools to automatically analyze handwritten and printed documents inorder to convert them into electronic format. The objective of this reviewpaper is to summarize research that has been conducted on character recognitionof handwritten documents and to provide research directions. In this SystematicLiterature Review (SLR) we collected, synthesized and analyzed researcharticles on the topic of handwritten OCR (and closely related topics) whichwere published between year 2000 to 2018. We followed widely used electronicdatabases by following pre-defined review protocol. Articles were searchedusing keywords, forward reference searching and backward reference searching inorder to search all the articles related to the topic. After carefullyfollowing study selection process 142 articles were selected for this SLR. Thisreview article serves the purpose of presenting state of the art results andtechniques on OCR and also provide research directions by highlighting researchgaps.


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