Resource production of written forms of Sign Languages by a user-centered editor, SWift (SignWriting improved fast transcriber)

  • 2019-11-22 08:36:42
  • Fabrizio Borgia, Claudia S. Bianchini, Patrice Dalle, Maria de Marsico
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The SignWriting improved fast transcriber (SWift), presented in this paper,is an advanced editor for computer-aided writing and transcribing of any SignLanguage (SL) using SignWriting (SW). The application is an editor which allowscomposing and saving desired signs using the SW elementary components, called"glyphs". These make up a sort of alphabet, which does not depend on thenational Sign Language and which codes the basic components of any sign. Theuser is guided through a fully-automated procedure, making the compositionprocess fast and intuitive. SWift pursues the goal of helping to break down the"electronic barriers" that keep deaf people away from the web, and at the sametime to support linguistic research about Sign Languages features. For thisreason it has been designed with a special attention to deaf user needs, and togeneral usability issues. The editor has been developed in a modular way, so itcan be integrated everywhere the use of SW as an alternative to written"verbal" language may be advisable.


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