GANkyoku: a Generative Adversarial Network for Shakuhachi Music

  • 2019-11-22 16:19:40
  • Omar Peracha, Shawn Head
  • 19


A common approach to generating symbolic music using neural networks involvesrepeated sampling of an autoregressive model until the full output sequence isobtained. While such approaches have shown some promise in generating shortsequences of music, this typically has not extended to cases where the finaltarget sequence is significantly longer, for example an entire piece of music.In this work we propose a network trained in an adversarial process to generateentire pieces of solo shakuhachi music, in the form of symbolic notation. Thepieces are intended to refer clearly to traditional shakuhachi music,maintaining idiomaticity and key aesthetic qualities, while also adding novelfeatures, ultimately creating worthy additions to the contemporary shakuhachirepertoire. A key subproblem is also addressed, namely the lack of relevanttraining data readily available, in two steps: firstly, we introduce thePH_Shaku dataset for symbolic traditional shakuhachi music; secondly, we buildon previous work using conditioning in generative adversarial networks tointroduce a technique for data augmentation.


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