Fetal Head and Abdomen Measurement Using Convolutional Neural Network, Hough Transform, and Difference of Gaussian Revolved along Elliptical Path (Dogell) Algorithm

  • 2019-11-14 18:34:38
  • Kezia Irene, Aditya Yudha P., Harlan Haidi, Nurul Faza, Winston Chandra
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The number of fetal-neonatal death in Indonesia is still high compared todeveloped countries. This is caused by the absence of maternal monitoringduring pregnancy. This paper presents an automated measurement for fetal headcircumference (HC) and abdominal circumference (AC) from the ultrasonography(USG) image. This automated measurement is beneficial to detect early fetalabnormalities during the pregnancy period. We used the convolutional neuralnetwork (CNN) method, to preprocess the USG data. After that, we approximatethe head and abdominal circumference using the Hough transform algorithm andthe difference of Gaussian Revolved along Elliptical Path (Dogell) Algorithm.We used the data set from national hospitals in Indonesia and for the accuracymeasurement, we compared our results to the annotated images measured byprofessional obstetricians. The result shows that by using CNN, we reducederrors caused by a noisy image. We found that the Dogell algorithm performsbetter than the Hough transform algorithm in both time and accuracy. This isthe first HC and AC approximation that used the CNN method to preprocess thedata.


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