The Canonical Distortion Measure for Vector Quantization and Function Approximation

  • 2019-11-14 18:59:38
  • Jonathan Baxter
  • 2


To measure the quality of a set of vector quantization points a means ofmeasuring the distance between a random point and its quantization is required.Common metrics such as the {\em Hamming} and {\em Euclidean} metrics, whilemathematically simple, are inappropriate for comparing natural signals such asspeech or images. In this paper it is shown how an {\em environment} offunctions on an input space $X$ induces a {\em canonical distortion measure}(CDM) on X. The depiction 'canonical" is justified because it is shown thatoptimizing the reconstruction error of X with respect to the CDM gives rise tooptimal piecewise constant approximations of the functions in the environment.The CDM is calculated in closed form for several different function classes. Analgorithm for training neural networks to implement the CDM is presented alongwith some encouraging experimental results.


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