Sentiment Analysis Challenges in Persian Language

  • 2019-07-09 20:46:37
  • Mohammad Heydari
  • 0


The rapid growth in data on the internet requires a data mining process toreach a decision to support insight. The Persian language has strong potentialfor deep research in any aspect of natural language processing, especiallysentimental analysis approach. Thousands of websites and blogs updates andmodifies by Persian users around the world that contains millions of Persiancontext. This range of application requires a comprehensive structuredframework to extract beneficial information for helping enterprises to enhancetheir business and initiate a customer-centric management process by producingeffective recommender systems. Sentimental analysis is an intelligent approachfor extracting useful information from huge amounts of data to help anenterprise for smart management process. In this road, machine learning anddeep learning techniques will become very helpful but there is the number ofchallenges which are face to them. This paper tried to present and assert themost important challenges of sentimental analysis in the Persian language. Thislanguage is an Indo-European language which spoken by over 110 million peoplearound the world and is an official language in Iran, Tajikistan, andAfghanistan. Its also widely used in Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Turkish by order.


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