Support and Invertibility in Domain-Invariant Representations

  • 2019-03-14 15:39:57
  • Fredrik D. Johansson, Rajesh Ranganath, David Sontag
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Learning domain-invariant representations has become a popular approach tounsupervised domain adaptation and is often justified by invoking a particularsuite of theoretical results. We argue that there are two significant flaws insuch arguments. First, the results in question hold only for a fixedrepresentation and do not account for information lost in non-invertibletransformations. Second, domain invariance is often a far too strictrequirement and does not always lead to consistent estimation, even understrong and favorable assumptions. In this work, we give generalization boundsfor unsupervised domain adaptation that hold for any representation function byacknowledging the cost of non-invertibility. In addition, we show thatpenalizing distance between densities is often wasteful and propose a boundbased on measuring the extent to which the support of the source domain coversthe target domain. We perform experiments on well-known benchmarks thatillustrate the short-comings of current standard practice.


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