Active and Semi-Supervised Learning in ASR: Benefits on the Acoustic and Language Models

  • 2019-03-07 11:38:36
  • Thomas Drugman, Janne Pylkkonen, Reinhard Kneser
  • 8


The goal of this paper is to simulate the benefits of jointly applying activelearning (AL) and semi-supervised training (SST) in a new speech recognitionapplication. Our data selection approach relies on confidence filtering, andits impact on both the acoustic and language models (AM and LM) is studied.While AL is known to be beneficial to AM training, we show that it also carriesout substantial improvements to the LM when combined with SST. Sophisticatedconfidence models, on the other hand, did not prove to yield any data selectiongain. Our results indicate that, while SST is crucial at the beginning of thelabeling process, its gains degrade rapidly as AL is set in place. The finalsimulation reports that AL allows a transcription cost reduction of about 70%over random selection. Alternatively, for a fixed transcription budget, theproposed approach improves the word error rate by about 12.5% relative.


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