e-SNLI: Natural Language Inference withNatural Language Explanations

  • 2018-12-04 03:15:38
  • Oana-Maria Camburu, Tim Rockt√§schel, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Phil Blunsom
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In order for machine learning to garner widespread public adoption, modelsmust be able to provide interpretable and robust explanations for theirdecisions, as well as learn from human-provided explanations at train time. Inthis work, we extend the Stanford Natural Language Inference dataset with anadditional layer of human-annotated natural language explanations of theentailment relations. We further implement models that incorporate theseexplanations into their training process and output them at test time. We showhow our corpus of explanations, which we call e-SNLI, can be used for variousgoals, such as obtaining full sentence justifications of a model's decisions,improving universal sentence representations and transferring to out-of-domainNLI datasets. Our dataset thus opens up a range of research directions forusing natural language explanations, both for improving models and forasserting their trust.


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