Distillation Techniques for Pseudo-rehearsal Based Incremental Learning

  • 2018-07-11 08:05:39
  • Haseeb Shah, Khurram Javed, Faisal Shafait
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The ability to learn from incrementally arriving data is essential for anylife-long learning system. However, standard deep neural networks forget theknowledge about the old tasks, a phenomenon called catastrophic forgetting,when trained on incrementally arriving data. We discuss the biases in currentGenerative Adversarial Networks (GAN) based approaches that learn theclassifier by knowledge distillation from previously trained classifiers. Thesebiases cause the trained classifier to perform poorly. We propose an approachto remove these biases by distilling knowledge from the classifier of AC-GAN.Experiments on MNIST and CIFAR10 show that this method is comparable to currentstate of the art rehearsal based approaches. The code for this paper isavailable at https://bit.ly/incremental-learning


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